The Canary Islands, land of trails.

Here you have a wonderful playground for all levels, all year round!

The ‘eternal spring’ of the Canary Islands allows you to practice every day, in order to continue your fitness training in late winter, but above all to enjoy what is a sheer delight for all trailers.

Coastal areas, forests, arid areas, sand, mountains, the uneven terrain, steep valleys, volcanoes and thousands of kilometres of trails: all the ingredients you need to have a great time!

We offer “all-comfort” Trekking holidays, in 4 of these islands:  in Gran Canaria, in the center of the archipelago, in La Palma in the west, in Lanzarote and in Fuerteventura in the east.

Customised packages, luggage transfer, running trails, …

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The 2 most ancient islands of the archipelago will surprise you with the opportunities they offer to practise running.

With already reputed races, such as the Extreme Haria race in Lanzarote, or the Coast to Coast race in Fuerteventura, these islands have nothing to envy their neighbours.

Lanzarote is ideal for fitness or to get started in trailing adventures.

As for Fuerteventura, it is a paradise for training sessions in running; sunny and arid, similar to the Marathon des Sables…


The most famous race in the Canary Islands, is without a doubt, the ‘TRANSGRANCANARIA’; the first ultra trail of the European season, about 125 km in length.

Gran Canaria is ideal for all levels, with many winding trails, technical passages, as well as spectacular ascents up to a height of 1950 metres to Pico de las Nieves.


The ‘Isla Bonita’, the steepest and wettest of the Canary Islands. It is well-known internationally in the world of trailing thanks to ‘TRANSVULCANIA’.

Demanding; La Palma is ideal for doing lots of different heights. Laurel forests, pine forests, ridge paths, and recent volcanic activity are the ever present elements in your surroundings.