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5 to 7 hours


Free price.

You decide the amount you want to give us.


Lanzarote is much more than Timanfaya, La Graciosa, and the north of the island. If you would like to explore other areas and get off the beaten track, this place is full of treasures, the secrets of Lanzarote.

We will take you to Los Ajaches, the most ancient massif on the island, desertlike and with splendid panoramic views, wild goats, charming coast and hot valleys. Or, if you prefer, we will take you to the gorges and ravines in the Famara massif – the wettest on the island and with the most surprising vegetation, you will have the impression you are in on another island, away from the beaches and volcanoes. Or we could take you for a walk in the vineyards, another of Lanzarote’s unique landscapes made unique by the “zocos”, followed by some wine tasting, meeting the locals and understanding the atypical growing culture. And for those feeling up to the challenge, we will take you down “El Risco” ( the Cliff ) of Famara along the endless footpath that winds down to Famara Beach. Breathtaking all the way, followed by a deserved swim into the ocean Take your pick and feel the secrets of Lanzarote!

Full-Day Trip: About a 5-hour walk (with the possibility of a dip in the sea, depending on the outing chosen),

Free price does not mean free. For everyone, we want to offer a quality private service.
It is neither a promotion nor the sales… no here, we only want a bit more solidarity in this world.

The excursions that we propose you have a cost, it is undeniable. Transport, production, food, guide, insurance,…

The free price allows everyone to participate according to his desires, and, his means.
Welcome to all!