hiking in Teide, Tenerife


TEIDE / TENERIFE — Start hiking in Tenerife, the largest & the highest of the Canary Islands, keep your eyes wide open so you don’t miss a thing! With its topography and its diversified climat, the most famous island of the archipelago is a mini continent, we can picture it like a pyramid surrounded by…


la gomera rando

La Gomera

ROQUE DE AGANDO / LA GOMERA — Hiking ‘in green’, La Gomera is much more than just the small neighbouring island to Tenerife. La Gomera is Garajonay, the most exuberant National Park in the Canary Islands with its lush & dreamy vegetation. The island, by its size & its relief is one of the most…


El Hierro

EL HIERRO — It is the smallest and easternmost of the islands, nice hiking in El Hierro. Since the inauguration of the new hydroeletric center, it is considered as the first self-sufficient island thanks to its renewable energy. Because it is the one of most difficult islands to get around, it also makes it the…


La Palma

CALDERA DE TABURIENTE / LA PALMA — “The Pretty Island”, as its neighbours call it, La Palma is the greenest of the Canary Islands. It will offer you the most diverse hiking, landscapes in such a small surface area. Pine forests, laurel forests, the deepest gorges, craters and lava flows, head-spinning cliffs, untouched coasts, waterfalls…



VALLE DE ORTEGA / FUERTEVENTURA — The oldest island of the Canary Islands for hiking, Fuerteventura reveals all its treasures, along the sand, along the volcanoes, along the ocean. Located is at the eastern point of the Canarian archipelago, at 90 kilometers  from the African coast, just below the island of Lanzarote. With a surface…


Gran Canaria

GRAN CANARIA — The Island of Gran Canaria, very complete for hiking, in the middle of the Canarian archipielago, will offer you its secrets along its history and its breathtaken landscapes. Gran Canaria is without a doubt the most complete island of the Canaries: a big city, Las Palmas and its busy harbour, small towns…