Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the archipelago, is without a doubt the most surprising of all the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote, the island of 300 volcanoes, the island of César Manrique.

Lanzarote is ancient volcanic massifs, amazing recent volcanism, unique vineyards, cliffs, a gem such as the island of La Graciosa, an artist devoted to his homeland and an ever-present ocean.

Due to its size (70 km long and 20 km wide) and its height, Lanzarote is a very comfortable island; everything is a stone’s throw away.

Lanzarote offers many contrasts: from idyllic beaches to wild coasts, young volcanoes or ancient massifs, desert areas and farmlands…

Hiking in Lanzarote,  ‘a la carte’, self-guided and one-day excursions are offered as well.

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You organise your trip as you like: you choose your accommodation, how many outings you do, multiple activities, on what day you would like to take time out and rest, cultural visits, car hire…


If you would like a trekking holiday, One Two Trek offers a full programme of 6 outings. All you need to do is choose your accommodation and we will take care of the rest.


Are you already in Lanzarote? Do you fancy  really getting into its landscapes? We offer daily outings all over the island. Hiking on demand.

The Volcanoes of Timanfaya

volcanoes walks lanzarote

DIFFICULTY EASY TO MODERATE LENGTH 6 HOURS PRICE Fixed price: From 200€ for 2 people including private guide and picnics (local flavours). THE VOLCANOES OF TIMANFAYA / LANZAROTE — The island’s star attraction: the volcanoes of Timanfaya ! We offer you a special Hike around Timanfaya, the burn spot. Come and immerse yourself in the…

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The secrets of Lanzarote

randonnees lanzarote

DIFFICULTY EASY TO HARD LENGTH 5 to 7 hours PRICE Fixed price of 225€ for 1 to 8 people (picnic meal costs an additional 5€/person and winetasting an additional cost of 15€/person) THE SECRETS OF LANZAROTE / LANZAROTE — Lanzarote is much more than Timanfaya, La Graciosa and the north of the island. If you…

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La Corona volcano and the Famara massif

Mirador del Rio Lanzarote

DIFFICULTY EASY TO MODERATE LENGTH 4 to 6 hours PRICE Fixed price of 150€/ 200€ (for 1 to 8 people) depending on length of trip LA CORONA VOLCANO AND THE FAMARA MASSIF / LANZAROTE — La Corona volcano and The Famara massif , the north of the island of Lanzarote offers many contrasts. Wetter than…

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