We are a medium-sized company. With our experience, we strive to offer you the holidays that suit you best.You deal directly with people who live in the Canary Islands and who will ensure the quality, safety and integrity of your holidays.


One Two Trek is all about sharing. Sharing an archipelago with endless secrets. The Canary Islands, close to the people, close to the land, and close to the local economy. Experiencing our rich and unique gastronomy, getting to know the local people is just as important to us as dazzling you with the land’s unique nature…. In a nutshell, you will be able to experience the Canaries in all of their facets.


The One Two Trek guides are professionals. They are passionate about the destination, eager to make you have a good time while you learn … These are qualified, trained guides, who are fluent in the language in which they guide you.


One Two Trek offers day trips, ‘packages’ including accommodation, meals, transportation and activities ….
Sports programmes and extra sporty programmes, but also a combination of sports and cultural programmes, and even relaxation! Everything is customised; everything at your pace; the choice is yours.


One Two Trek: 17 years experience in the world of tourism, organising trips and guiding. We know that all the elements of a trip are important, and we do our utmost to satisfy all our customers’ desires.

“There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path”

— Tibetan proverb

O N E   T W O   T R E K,  IT’S  GILLES


In love with the Canary Islands, I’m a real adventurer. After several years discovering every corner of the planet, I finally decided to stay in Lanzarote in 2005.

This land has conquested me. I thought I would not stay for a long time…And now I know I will not leave.

Official guide of the Canary Islands ( Number 3810)

Mountain leader certificate

Graduated in Tourism

Since 1999, I have been working in the world of tourism and travel. The organisation of holidays and guiding are now my specialities.
From Mexico to Laos, from Spain to Nicaragua, stopping by the West Indies, and of course the Canary Islands, I know all the components of tourism.